Will your Internet go down on July 9th?

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Will your Internet go down on July 9th?

Months ago, the FBI set up a safety net of using government computers to fight against DNSChanger malware. The DNSChanger malware/virus was an online advertising scam to permit international hackers to take control of infected computers. That safety net, running on government computers will go offline on July 9th. Computers that are infected will not be able to connect to the internet.

One nasty piece of this malicious software is that it makes certain changes to your system that may linger and go unnoticed, until the FBI takes their patch offline.

To identify if your system is infected, or has been and may still have the lingering scars of the infection, visit http://dns-ok.us.  If you get a green image on your screen, you are most likely clean and will not be affected.


Clean Machine

If, your image is RED, you should consider calling Indy’s Computer Geek or your preferred IT services provider to ensure your machines are properly cleaned and any lingering effects are cleared up.


Your machine may be infected with the DNSChanger malware


If you are infected, or have been in the past, qualified professionals, like Indy’s Computer Geek, can help ensure that this infection, past or current, has minimal affect on your Internet usage.  Call us at 317-560-4443 to discuss how we can help you.

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