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Google Search: the replacement for staff at the public library.

Have you ever ran a search on Google, only to be flooded with information? The answer to this is learning how to search more efficiently. This starts by entering your search criteria in the bar, then using the ‘Show Options’ link on the results page to filter that data to more specific information.

As an example, it is a new year and our elected officials have saved us from a ‘fiscal cliff’. The ‘fiscal cliff’ has been a major news element for several months. But let’s look for mentions or news of a ‘fiscal cliff’ from before the Obama administration.

So, to start with, enter fiscal cliff into the Google search field. As a result, we get something similar to:

google time search1

Notice the ‘Search tools’ link. By clicking it we get a slightly different output:

google time search2

By selecting the ‘Any time’ drop down, we have an option to select a few time frames to narrow down our search.

google time search3

As the proposed question was to find instances of ‘fiscal cliff’ being in the news, prior to the Obama administration, we should look into the options of the ‘Custom range…’.

google time search4

Here we should enter something like January, 1990 to January 2008. As the Internet was not readily accessible prior to 1990 and we have already decided to exclude the years of Obama.

google time search5

As can be seen above, the date range was accepted, an the data below shows several articles and options with different publication dates that predate the Obama Administration.

google time search6

Beware that sometime the publication dates are incorrect. The content of the article should be checked closely for details, to ensure that the data is valid for the search.

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